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You are here to become part of our Green Story!

We are in the final stages of preparing for the Forum: Green Travel – Tourism and Hotels Tomorrow.


Very soon! This spectacular event is scheduled for November 1 and 2, 2023.


In Belgrade (Serbia) in the hotel “M.”;

The organizer of the event is TIM-Serbia. As a young business founded in 2017, we can already boast of a team of professionals with expertise, knowledge, and experience in tourism, hotel management, and related fields.

Let’s look up to Austria. If you are wondering why we chose this particular country, the reasons are as follows: Austria is very similar to Serbia and surrounding countries  in terms of size and population. In addition, it has no access to the sea, as do countries from the region, but it has spas, mountains, ethnic villages, lakes, and rivers, as do all the neighbouring countries. The key difference is that Austria uses its tourist potential to the maximum. Every year, it strives to make its natural, cultural, and historical potential the most attractive part of the tourist offer.

It is precisely due to Austrian know-how and experience that Serbia and the surrounding countries can benefit greatly. Tourism will only survive in the future if it is based on sustainable development and develops these goals. We at TIM-Serbia sincerely and deeply believe in that.

The upcoming Forum will be focused on Green Travel with an emphasis on sustainable tourism, ecology, IT practice, (agro and eco)tourism, and renewable energy sources.

Our goal is to inspire all Forum participants, not only in the field of education and new knowledge but also in the form of fun and socializing.

We believe you are already eager to find out how to become part of the Green Network?!

With your presence at the Forum, you get a ticket to attend and participate in all educational content, but also for your brand to be seen.

Whether you see yourself as a sponsor or a participant in this top event, we have made sure that you choose a package according to your goals and capabilities!

We look forward to getting to know you, as well as your business story!

We expect you!

For more information, please register.


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