Green travel forum

November 1 and 2, 2023.

You are here to become part of our Green Story!

We are in the final stages of preparing for the Forum:
Green Travel – Tourism and Hotels Tomorrow.

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Tourism - IT - Management



Tourism is an economic sector that has steady growth both in the global market and in local markets like ours. In this, we see a chance for the development of.
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Through concrete projects, we connect ICT and tourism. We are developing concrete IT solutions whose applications will lead to increased revenue in H&T Industry. TIM-Serbia organized:   IT 2017 Conference.
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Modern knowledge in the field of management is the key to the success of individuals, companies, and whole societies. Together with our strategic partners from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.
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You can see how he solves his problems. You can also see what’s wrong. Young children, especially, have enormous creativity, and whatever’s in them rises to the surface in free play.