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Through concrete projects, we connect ICT and tourism. We are developing concrete IT solutions whose applications will lead to increased revenue in H&T Industry.
TIM-Serbia organized:


IT 2017 Conference – Innovation in Tourism – Information Technology

Organized by TIM-Serbia, it was held in May 2017 at the Palisad Hotel in Zlatibor.


  • Andreas Voegl – Austria
  • Zvezdan Horvat – Adizes Institute, Belgrade
  • prof. dr Aleksandar Marković – FOS, Belgrade
  • prof. dr Sanja Marinković – FOS, Belgrade
  • Nenad Vukašinović – TIM-Serbia, Belgrade


  • Benchmarking analysis – Austria
  • Destination as a brand
  • Hotel as a brand
  • Creating a tourist product
  • Mountain tourism, MICE, agritourism, SPA /wellness …
  • Health tourism
  • Social networks and digital marketing
  • Change management
  • Management styles
  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing MIX 7P
  • Case studies




Forum Quality First in Hotels & Tourism

In September 2018, in M Hotel in Belgrade.

Lecturers and panelists:

  • Andreas Voegl – Austrija
  • prof. dr Slavica Cicvarić Kostić – FOS, Belgrade
  • dr Milan Okanović – FOS, Belgrade
  • Marko Nikolovski – DEKI 5 Football Camp
  • Bojan Tasić – JUST OUT Festival
  • Biljana Bosnić Ognjenović – Turisticki svet, Belgrade


    • Quality in Hotel and Tourism Industry (HT)
    • Standardization of Services
    • Revenue Management
    • Spa/Wellness Tourism
    • Trends in Spa/Wellness Tourism
    • Agrotourism
    • Digital Shifts in HT Industry
    • Social Networks and Digital Marketing
    • RACE model
    • New Generation of Buyers- Generations Y and Z
    • Examples of Tourism Products: Sports Camps, Festivals …
    • Case Studies




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