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Tourism Innovation Mission - Serbia
The Leading Experts in Tourism Innovation

The TIM-Serbia project is based on four points:


Tourism – a global phenomenon. The economic sector has recorded significant and sustained growth at the global level in the last decade, even in times of the global economic crisis. It has become one of the most important areas of business. There are more and more tourists, and they will be travelling more and more in the coming decades.

Faculty of Organizational Sciences – FOS

Faculty of Organizational Sciences – FOS, University of Belgrade is a well-known and recognized educational and scientific institution, which has been engaged in the study of organizational sciences for half a century. This institution originated from the economy, which through history and to this day, works with the economy and for the economy.

Today, knowledge in the field of management and information technology is of key importance for the success of individuals, organizations and entire societies. For this reason, we have, with great energy and satisfaction, successfully completed the partnership negotiations with FOS. Their lecturers expect the successful transfer of the latest achievements in the field of management and ICT, as well as the significant possibilities of applying this knowledge in concrete projects in tourism, the hotel industry and business, today and here.

Benchmarking - Austria

Benchmarking – Austria. As an example of good practice in the current and future development of tourism in our area, we looked at Austria, a continental European country, with a tourism product based on spas, lakes, mountain tourism, and city tourism. It is a country with a similar number of inhabitants, like our country, and generates over US$ 20 billion of foreign exchange inflow from tourism. Through cooperation with their most famous consultants, we want to apply Austrian know-how in this business.


Potential. Guided by the desire for better utilization of significant potential for the development of tourism, as well as related economic sectors, tourism with its development improves many other areas, such as agriculture, traffic and transport, the food industry, and many others. Furthermore, it beautifies the complete image of one country and thus brings significant long-term benefits.








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